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This web site contains some programs that I have made in my spare time using VB.NET and C#.NET. Some were for a purpose and some just for fun. I have made them available on the web so anyone who wants to use them can.

To find something on this site you can use the site search provided by Google.

Programs on this site are built on the Microsoft .NET framework. You will need to install this if you do not have version 4 (or above) installed already. This is usually installed already on most systems.

Don’t forget to look in the Other Services section for online tools, services and tutorials that I have made.

Updates / New Releases

24 January 2016Sound Card Userv
19 April 2015File Slicerv
14 March 2015Projector Serial Controllerv
31 March 2014File Slicerv
05 September 2013Projector Serial Controllerv
13 July 2013File Slicerv
12 April 2013Multi-Monitor Video Playerv
03 February 2013Multi-Monitor Slideshowv
12 September 2012Projector Serial Controllerv
06 September 2012Projector Serial Controllerv